Changing the Golf Cart Batteries

by Bob Littell
(Cardington, Ohio)

What is proper way to disconnect old batteries and connect new batteries? how long should I let new batteries charge before using? My wife, grandkids and myself use electric cart at campground we attend.

Hi, Bob!
You mean, does it matter which battery you disconnect first, for safety's sake? Not that I'm aware of. Once you break the circuit, you've reduced the voltage from the collective voltage of the whole pack down to 8 volts, not enough juice to sizzle a squirrel.

My concern would be with the slosh factor. Those batteries have acid in them, and caps can get loose as they bounce around in a golf cart. As you pull them out of the cart, mind your clothes, wear goggles, that sort of thing.

Connect the new batteries exactly the same pattern the old ones came out. Batteries wired in series give you an entirely different battery pack than the same batteries wired in parallel. Here's an article I wrote on wiring up your batteries if you're unfamiliar with this stuff.

On charging: The new batteries should be near fully charged when you install them, because that's how they are stored and sold (hopefully), but I think I'd let them charge overnight on a smart charger anyway before I ran them.


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Can I Replace 6x8v batteries with 4x 12v batteries in series on
by: steve

It is difficult and very expensive to get 8v batteries for my old 48v club car. Only used for 30mins a day max 5 days a month. so do not want to invest in the expensive batteries.

I can get relatively cheap 12v batteries easily.
If I wire them in series to make 48v will this work?

I guess its all about the amps?

will my charger still work?
All advice welcome

Hi, Steve -
As long as the total pack voltage is the same, it doesn't matter if you use 4 12v batteries or 6 8v batteries (or 8 6v batteries). You won't need a new charger unless you change to a different battery chemistry like NiMH.


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