Cheaper Electric Car Motors

by Luther

How and where do you get a cheaper electric car motor? Whenever I look for electric car motors, I'm seeing prices at $6000 to $9000. Is that right? Do I need to come up with that kinda money just to get started...or am I not looking at the right stuff?

Hi, Luther -
You can save yourself a lot of money by using a motor salvaged from a used electric forklift. There is an excellent forum thread here at the DIY electric car forums which was started by Jim Husted of Hi-Torque Electric and which deals with such things as exactly what to look for in a forklift motor, which motor to use (you want the traction motor, not the lift motors, for a car), and how to advance the brushes so you can use the motor at a higher voltage without arcing.

There are a LOT of pages on the thread, so it ought to keep you busy for a while; )


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