Chevy Blazer Conversion with No Transmission

by JC
(MIami, FL)

Photo by Spanish Coches

Photo by Spanish Coches

Hi.. I hope you can help us out.

I have a 2002 Chevy Blazer 2wd RWD Automatic in my garage and am thinking about EV, but my goals are modest. 40mph, 40 mile range.

I've been researching and I want to flip the rear axle and mount the motor direct where the gas tank was beind the rear axle. I've asked and seems mechanically possible. This would help distribute the weight toward the back where we use to have about 200 lbs of tank and gas. Also removing the auto transmission from the front will help. I also think direct mount so close to the rear axle will give me some performance and efficiency gains.

Shell weight on the truck (with no ICE) is about 2000lbs.
Gear ratio is : 16.13:1
Rims are 235/70R-15 : (28 inch diameter)

Ideally I'd like to find a cheap used DC motor in the $500 price range. What's a good motor for my requirement?

I don't mind spending more for Lithium, but how much will I need and can I fit the batteries and all other components (minus the motor) in the engine bay? Also what can I expect to pay for these batteries today vs 3 years from now?

Also, what original parts should i consider keeping? I am pretty much dead set in not wanting a transmission and in mounting the motor this way.

Thank You in Advance for any information or help!

Hi, JC -
It sounds like part of your motivation for doing this is for the experimentation, am I right? To see if your idea can be done?

That's an important consideration. On those grounds I say go for it.

I'll also say you've probably picked the WORST possible donor car for conversion. I'm guessing you already know that? Hence the modest conversion goals? No problem.

Bad news and good news. Bad news is that if you don't have a transmission at all, you'll need a more powerful motor than you would need otherwise, because you don't have that leverage. More powerful means bigger and more expensive.

Forklift motors can be salvaged for cheap, just make sure you get the traction motor of an electric forklift and not the lift motor.

The good news is, lithium batteries are pretty cheap now. They've come down a lot in recent years.

I recommend that you give Audrey at Green Shed Conversions a call, the number is 561-352-6622, if you haven't already. They can get you a good price on motors and lithium batteries, and good advice on your conversion as you get started with it, too.

- Lynne

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