Commuting with a Razor Scooter

by Barbie
(Poplar Bluff Mo)

I live in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and my son is 16 and have his license and he wants to get a job. We have a lot of black top rural roads and a highway that has most of the fast food restaurants on. I've seen Razor electric scooters at Walmart and it seemed like a perfect commuter vehicle for him.

My question is: can my son legally drive that scooter on the back rural roads and cross the highways and drive on the side of the highways to get to a job or is it not legal to drive near highways?

Most of our rural streets don't have a lot of traffic as we live in a small town. Most places for a job is within 10 minutes from my house in a car and longer on foot.

Hi, Barbie -
If you can walk along your highway legally, and if you can legally ride a bicycle on your highway, then you can ride a scooter in the same place, over to the side or on the bike lane if you've got one.

Some highways, like the big 8 lane Interstates, you can't walk or ride a bike on. So no scooter either.

Some highways, like the coastal highway where I live in Oregon, people walk and ride bikes all the time because although it's an interstate technically (Hwy 101), the cars don't really go that fast (50 mph is pretty much the top speed) and it goes through a bunch of little towns where the speed limit is 30 mph.


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Razor scooter in missouri
by: Anonymous

I bought a Eco smart electric scooter from the Walmart site. I put on bicycle turn signals, brake light,headlight, horn, mirror, a slow moving vehicle sign, orange flag, and got a bicycle helmet to operate on 25 MPH roads in Missouri. I could have just rode on the roads, but think safety first. The Ecosmart Electric Scooter does 18 to 20 MPH, gets 12 miles per full charge, 60 inches long. Comes with basket and 16 inch bicycle tires. I bought reflector tape also for scooter. I think they are a cheap source of transportation and fun.

Some Scooters Can't and Some Can Travel on Roads, Streets and Highways.
by: Charlie Gillingham

Where I come from scooter laws vary from province to province and city to city, town to town in regards to where you can operate them. They have to have standards that must be met in order to register them for commuting on our street and highways. We can find what information we need to know about scooters at out local department of transportation and I do suggest one do that before they invest in one for that purpose. Get the facts before you act is my motto and I always do advise that like you did with your question.

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