Compact Mazda 626 Conversion

by Mathew
(Bellingham Wa, USA )

Photo by TuRbO_J

Photo by TuRbO_J

I am looking at converting my 95 Mazda 626, but I’m finding that most conversions end up being very bulky. I was wondering if it is at all possible to do something more compact, like in a Tesla where the motors and battery’s are centralized around the axle.

Hi, Mathew -
Yes, you can actually get a Tesla model S drivetrain and battery modules now from EV West in California.

I don't know if you really wanted or needed that much power? In the catalog it says you can go up to 400V and 400 kw, max current up to 1000 amps.

When you say "bulky", are you concerned about not having enough space under the hood for all your components?

You are probably already familiar with the EV Photo Album, but if not, you might like to have a look at what other people have done with similar cars.

Bo Abrahamsson from Sweden did a EV conversion on a Mazda 626 similar to yours, and he used a very typical motor/controller/battery setup (Advanced DC motor, Curtis controller, prismatic LiFePO4 battery from China).

He's even got pictures on his page that show where the components are housed, for reference.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your project: )

- Lynne

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