Conversion Kit Companies in the North Eastern US?

by Karl R.
( N.Y. USA)

My 85' Toyo Van.

My 85' Toyo Van.

I am planning a project for my vocational school Advanced Auto Mechanics class. I want to create a conversion kit for my 1985 Toyota Van/Wagon LE. The gross weight is 2890 lbs. with all the 'guts' still in it.

Can you help me find a U.S. electric conversion company near New York State which might help me find a "deluxe conversion kit" which I could adapt to my van? The other option is gathering parts to create my own kit. No, I ain't no Electrical Engineer, but I am mechanically adept.

Hi, Karl!
Yes, as a matter of fact, there is an excellent EV parts supplier much closer to you, in New Hampshire. It's called EVA, or Electric Vehicles of America, and they have an excellent reputation in the EV community for quality and service.

They sell EV conversion kits with manual and DVDs.

Best of luck with your project, and keep in touch!


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Need Info.
by: Jim

I have a 1985 toyota van that I want to convert. Can you give me an idea at what You did to convert your van?

87 toyota van
by: Nick

my 87 toyota utility vans engine has met its end, so I figure it's worth checking into an electric conversion before I drop $3,000 on putting a new gas engine in it. Does anyone know if Karl the vocational auto teacher from NY got his project going for his students?

Did he get he kit?
by: LiquidG

I am trying to convert an '84 Toyota Van. I I wish I knew how this played out.

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