Conversion Question: Electric Gas Hybrid

by Chas

The Generator Makes the Hybrid

The Generator Makes the Hybrid

I saw on your website somewhere there was mention of a gas generator powering an electric motor. This is called a "Parallel Hybrid Drivetrain". Is this doable without the need of the batteries?

Simply let the gas generator take the place of the batteries, connect it to a controller, and there you go.
If this is possible, are there resources out there for this conversion?

Hi, Chas!
No, this is called a series hybrid. Parallel means that either the gas engine OR the electric motor can move the wheels. Series means the electric motor is the only thing that moves the wheels. You're confusing the "powering" bit (as in powered by the gas generator) with the "moving" bit (as in moving the car through the gas generator being hooked up directly to the drive train) - really easy to mix up!
So if your electric motor is powered by electricity, and the gas generator can generate electricity fast enough for the motor to move the wheels along at whatever speed you'd like to drive, then I guess you don't need batteries.

Problem: The gas generator won't generate electricity fast enough for you.

Next problem: That gas generator is a worse polluter than a regular car (because they weren't built with pollution controls on them like cars were).

However...add a load of golf cart batteries, and you've solved the first problem. This has been done, and it's not a bad idea. The electric motor is more efficient than the internal combustion engine the car was born with, so you're still ahead, even if you charge it exclusively from the generator.

Resources? Well, if you mean "is there a kit" where you can turn your gas-gobbler into an EV with a generator, the answer is "not that I know of".


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plans are available
by: Anonymous

Mother Earth News wrote about a home-built series hybrid built by David Arthur in 1980. This hybrid got ~ 80+ MPG. Mother Earth News currently offers a blueprint plan for this series-electric hybrid.

I wish I could find a series hybrid 'kit' for my Tacoma.....

Generator powered electric car
by: Charles


Thank you for your response to my Generator powered electric car. I have found Honda makes a super quiet, super clean generator that if this worked, would be a great power source for this type of Hybrid. I also found that it would take several generators to do the trick............or one big one.

Simply looking for an electric conversion that will get a better range. 40 miles or so is not getting it.

Oh well. I'll win the lottery and by a Tesla.


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