Conversion Question: Power Steering and Brakes?

by Paul Ragon
(Ft Wayne, IN)

Canadian Electric Vehicles' Power Steering Kit

Canadian Electric Vehicles' Power Steering Kit

Does the donor car have to have manual brakes and steering? Is this why the list of cars used in conversions is set to cars before 1992? Can newer cars with power steering be converted to manual brakes and steering?

Hi, Paul -
1) No. Power steering and brakes are quite common in electric car conversions. Here's a EV Power Steering Kit from Canadian Electric Vehicles, just as an example.

2) Donor cars more than 10 years old are not recommended because they're getting OLD (a rust-bucket, however you power it, is still a rust-bucket) and because replacement parts are harder to get. It's not a power steering thing necessarily.

2.5) A classic car that is just delicious is not the same as a rust bucket. Convert that bad boy. I know, I know, I just contradicted myself. Definitely not the first time: )

3) Yes, you can find a car just like your donor in the junkyard that has manual steering and braking and just replace it. Simple.


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