Conversion Question: Transmission Adaptor

by Al

Adaptor Plate looks like this...

Adaptor Plate looks like this...

I would like to convert a 1994 Nissan Hardbody to electric. If I keep the original transmission, I assume I'd have to have some kind of adaptor to mount between the electric motor and the transmission. Is this something that can be purchased? If so, where?

Also, any ideas for a good source of electric motors and other supplies necessary for this conversion?

Hi, Al -
Yes, you'll need an adaptor plate specific to your truck. You can make your own with these instructions and access to a machine shop. If you get the machine shop to do all the work, it's about 500 bucks for material and labor, according to this page on adaptors by Metric Mind.

For motors and supplies?

Motors: Netgain, Metric Mind, and HPEVS come to mind.

Parts: EV Parts, KTA Services.

Kits: Canadian Electric Vehicles.

Batteries: Lithium Storage.


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