Cost to Charge an Electric Car

by JT

If you buy an electric car and everyday after work you need to plug it in to charge it how much is your electric bill going to go up?

Hi, JT -
Plug In America says 2-4 dollars for one full charge, depending on a lot of factors. Multiply by 30 if you actually do this every single day, and you get 60-120 dollars a month added to your electric bill.

How much does electricity cost in your area? Do you get a deep discount in your area for charging up at night?

How many kwhs will your battery pack store, and how many miles do you drive? Do you drive on the freeway, or not? How efficiently does your plug-in use its electricity?


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by: Anonymous

$60-120 seems reasonable considering you wouldn't be spending any money on gas. How much do people spend on average a month on gas in US?

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