Does Under-Voltage Matter to a Golf Cart?

by Mike

Will a 48 volt cart run or even move with only 36 volts?

I'm using three 12v batteries. I guess I could come up with another but I would like to see if it even works before I buy batteries that I can't eat.

Hi, Mike -
Most golf carts have been 36 volts from the factory until recently. The 48 volt version is the souped-up variety. So if your question is "will 36 volts move a regular sized golf cart", the answer is yes... long as your motor and controller are set up (or adjustable for) 36 volts. Some controllers have adjustable settings, so if you change it from 48 volts to 36 volts you should be fine.

What happens if you try to run a system under-voltage (as in: 36 volts in a 48 volt system) is that the current increases; and when the current is higher than normal, it creates heat and does damage. Not good.

- Lynne

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