Drive Shaft for Electric Cars?

by Joe
(Branson, Missouri)

I'm curious, do electric cars use a drive shaft?

I know in gas cars it give the wheels their movement but it also comes from the transmission which made me wonder if it was needed, or if electric cars used some other method?

Hi, Joe!

Well, yes, electric cars still use a drive shaft right now.

I'll quote Seth Leitman again in Build Your Own Electric Vehicle:

"Driveshaft, differential, drive axles - these components are all used intact in today's EV conversions.

Because contemporary, built-from-the-ground-up electric vehicles like General Motors' Impact use two AC motors and place them next to the drive wheels, it's not too difficult to envision even simpler solutions for future EVs...."

Wheel motors are being used in electric bikes, but I understand they're not successfully being used in electric cars right now, though there's been a lot of interest in the idea.

Maybe soon?

All the best -

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