Electric ATV Conversion

by Amir

"Solar" Ray Walters' Electric ATV Conversion

Does anyone know of someone who has converted an ATV? Which systems would be best for this, and what kind of range would I be looking at?
Is there a solar charging system for the batteries that I can mount on the ATV? Besides the panels, i would need some kind of controller, wouldn't I?
Generally ATV trips require an overnight stay in the field. Would a small wind turbine be feasible?

Hi, Amir!
Ray Walters, in Taos, New Mexico, converted that ATV up there in the picture, and from the look of his business website, he can help you with solar and wind-powered (that's his business) off-grid charging capabilities, too.


P.S. Solar charging is the future. Read my article on the advantages of solar energy to learn more!

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