Electric Car Conversion: Classic, or New?

by Tony Ritchie
(Toccoa Ga. USA)

I hope to start restoring my 1954 F100 this year.
I am considering attempting to make it all EV.
Where could I get some plan ideas on how to start
this process?

Hi, Tony -
Check the EV Discussion List.

Here's a thread conversation between some guys on that list who are discussing the merits of converting a classic car vs. converting a late model bar-o-soap.

The guy in the video up there is Jack Rickard, and I did an interview with Jack recently on something interesting he's doing that you might consider...

He's taking light fiberglass replicas of old classics like the Porsche Speedster and powering them with AC-50 electric motors and LiFePO4 batteries.


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electric54 truck
by: nowindflyer yahoo.

Hello my name is Jeff and I have built several hot rods. 1929,30,58,just in ford trucks.Lots of 38 thru 64 in chevy cars and trucks.Keep this statement in mind( I can build as nice a vehicle as I am willing to pay for. For $50,000 you can have a work of art that is stunning in every way. For $15,000 you can still achieve very cool status. A mustang2 front suspension would lower your wind resistance and give you disc brakes. If I can help let me know, and look to speedway motors for parts or even LMC truck for parts. All the hot rods I have built have been gas powered,however the next will be electric,you can lose a lot of weight without the necessary parts for gas motors. It should make for a clean sleek truck. Good luck!

curb weight etc
by: Anonymous

hi tony
have you considered the weight of that truck? it's the cool ford pick up, right? i believe it's more than 3000 lbs. there's a neat EV calculator on jerry halstead's site that can help you predict your EV's performance and range:


weight and drag coefficient are two determining factors. i did do a classic saab. and if you think you'll be able to find transmission, brake and suspension parts, then i say go for it! i am very happy with my conversion.


best of luck!

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