Electric Car Conversion Kit for F150

by Gary Watts
(Seattle, Wa. USA)

F-150 Electric Car Conversion?

F-150 Electric Car Conversion?

I have a 2001 Ford F-150 that gets driven only a couple times a month, and for less then 50 miles. Would you know if there are conversion kits that would work for it?


Hi, Gary -
An EV conversion kit for the Ford Ranger, yes. For a Ford F-150, no. Your truck is a full sized truck, and by EV standards, heavy.

The electric car conversion kits that you see for sale are for commonly converted cars and trucks, like the light Chevy S-10, the Geo Metro, the VW Rabbit.

I don't mean to be discouraging, Gary, but any vehicle that was built in the US during the Bush II era is probably too heavy to convert to electric gracefully.


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Full EV conversion of F-150
by: EAA member

If you removed all the components that are not required for a PHEV, the F-150 gets considerably lighter. Engine, fuel tank and fuel, radiator, alternator, starter motor, transmission, drive shaft. It will cost around $10k to $15k for batteries, charger, conditioner and Motor(s), etc.

Join your local chapter of the Electric Automobile Association to learn how to make the conversion and get help doing it.

F-150 Conversions
by: Anonymous

ALTe is marketing a plug-in hybrid conversion for the F-150 that has a 52 mile all-electric range before the downsized 4-cylinder engine kicks in to recharge the 25 kWh battery pack. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology (HEVT) also offers a PHEV conversion for the F-150. Envia of Vancouver B.C. converts F-150's into both EVs and PHEVs under its REV (Rapid Electric Vehicle) and REV-H brands.

y not?
by: Anonymous

Why couldn't you install a light weight camper shell, and cover the top in solar panels? Wouldn't that recharge the battery bank while you were driving? and you could plug in at night.

You could. It does put a little bit of charge back into the pack, but not enough to justify the drag they add.

- Lynne

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