Electric Car Conversion - Southern California

by Ricky

Convert a Midget to Electric in Southern California!

Convert a Midget to Electric in Southern California!

Where can I go in southern California to talk to someone about having one of my cars made in to a EV?

Hi, Ricky!
Like this little MG Midget, for example?

In the Los Angeles area, you'll want Reverend Gadget.

His conversion company is called Left Coast Electric.


P.S. I did an interview with the good Rev. Gadge, talking about his Miata electric car kits, you can read it here.

You can also find him in the new film from Chris Paine, "Revenge of the Electric Car".

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2013 Smart Cabriolet
by: Nick

I have a great color combo 2013 Smart Cabriolet approaching it's dangerous time of over 70k. I've been told by many mechanics that the transmission issues and motor mounts become a problem at that point.

Addressing the center of gravity and weight issues, more than likely they'd be able to rectify the weight issue with the fact of less engine and transmission, with added motor and battery, the car shouldn't weight too differently than the average weight on it of around 1800lbs, with me inside an a cup of coffee.

The idea is that it's a great commuter car, and the range I drive it daily isn't in need of gas, and the instantaneous torque I discovered driving one on lease in 2012 was pretty amazing. I guess I'm looking for stories here, has anyone converted a Smart. It gets made fun of a lot, but it's an engineering marvel with heated seats and a convertible top, and parks where most people can't.

That's good enough for me. We have the hybrid RAV 4 for distance driving anyway. I'm thinking long term use, as in decade, at least.

Convert Ranger
by: Juan Romero

About how much $ would it take to convert a 2000 Ford Ranger to an electric vehicle?

Hi, Juan -
Depends on whether you want to buy your parts new or used, how much of the work you have the skill and time to do yourself, and what kind of performance you're looking for.

- Lynne

Geo metro convertible
by: Anonymous

Anyone converted a Geo Metro convertible? It seems like a good choice based on low weight and aerodynamics but are there better choices?

Sure - here's one on the EV Photo Album.

The challenge with the little cars is "where to put all the batteries", and how many batteries you can put in them in the first place. Little, light cars are safe (and legal) only up to a certain weight.

- Lynne

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