Electric Car Kit for a Miata

by Sean

Does somebody make an electric car conversion kit for a Miata?

Hi, Sean -

Yes. Check out this interview with Reverend Gadget at Left Coast Electric, talking about his plug-and-play Miata conversion kits.

Several Miatas have been converted, they're excellent candidates for conversion, and all you need to adjust is 1) the transmission adapter plate; and 2) the dimensions of the engine compartment.

A universal kit for a small car would work fine, and don't hesitate to talk to someone who's already converted a Miata for advice!


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by: Tina

I was wondering weather the Electric Car Kit for a Miata is available with a TüV type certification. The car is registered in Denmark.
Best regards.

Hi, Tina -
Not the kits from the US, to my knowledge.

But: Try this conversion shop in the Netherlands. They sell custom EV conversion kits already TUV certified and ready to go.

miata conversion kit
by: EV-propulsion.com

We have developed a miata conversion kit, we can supply the complete kit or individual parts from the kit. Check it out at:

Thanks, Mike

Electric Car Kit for a Miata
by: Karen

My husband Pat is putting together kits w/instructions for the Miata.

See www.evmiata.com/ .

The website will soon have a new video to show how fast this converted Miata is! Be sure to click on the Electric Conversion survey/interest button.

Thanks, Karen

I want to do the same!
by: Anonymous

How much does it cost?

Electro Automotive has an AC kit that fits a small car (it's a universal kit - you'll have to get an adapter made, or have them do it) for about $9500.

Miata electric car
by: Anonymous

how about kits for other cars? Possible?

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