Electric Car Motor Availability and Cost

by Don Spring
(Bovina, Texas USA)

Can you give me some idea of the availability and the cost of the electric car motors?

Hi, Don -
The most available electric car motor is the series wound DC motor.

There are a couple of companies that make them particularly for electric cars; I just saw the ADC 9" motor a lot of people use listed for 1750 USD, and NetGain sells the WarP 9" for about the same through their dealers.

You can also find a suitable series wound DC motor in a used electric forklift; you'll have to make some minor adjustments on it to go into a car, but these are fine.

Another possibility is the 3-phase AC electric car motor, which is listed for 2,600 USD and is available through a few dealers like Electro Automotive and Metric Mind.


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High performance EV motors
by: Roy

Just to add a couple of more options. Azure Dynamics is about the best value I have found.
Also check out hi-pa drive.

Unfortunately, they have changed their web page and no longer provide models and performance specs. They are truly amazing. It says on their web site that they will be going into production (as opposed to the expensive hand built ones so-far) in about 1-1/2 years. Well that notice has been up there for about 1-1/2 years. Hope they will be actually available soon. These are wheel motors and if you want to go that route, are the only ones that will be for sale to the general public. You should understand that There are only about 8 manufactures of high performance electric motors suitible for cars. All the other ones are either private or hand-built at very high cost. Mitsubishi, Hyundai, GM, and Tesla all build their own. AC Propulsion and TM4 (makers of another wheel motor) will be glad to sell you their system. I do not include UQM in this group as their hand-built motors are not much better than Azure Dynamics at about 3 times the price.

If you can actually get your hands on a HiPA Drive you might consider mounting one between the drive wheels with the shaft vertical and connected to a chassis mounted differential, like Corvettes.

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