Electric Car Motor for Nissan Sentra

by Mikhail
(Oakland, CA)

I want to convert my 1993 Nissan Sentra to an electric car. What is the right motor size?

My driving conditions are: no hills, distance 35 mi. one way to work, I would be able to recharge at work and at home, 90% freeway, required top speed 65mph or more.
Nissan Sentra weight: about 2200lb.

Hi, Mike!
In terms of DC series wound motors - the most common EV conversion motor - a 9" motor is fine for your car. You'll probably use either the ADC FB1-4001 (that's the one Gav's using in the video!) or the NetGain WarP 9.


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Convert my Nissan Sentra B12 to solar electric
by: Anna-Karina

Hi, I have been checking your website and I am impressed. I would like to convert my Nissan Sentra B12 to solar electric. I saw the video "Gav's EV Conversion 10 - installing the motor".

My family and I live in Trinidad, West Indies, Caribbean, a tiny island just above Venezuela. I have been searching for all the information so that I can do this on my own. I don't know anything about mechanics or electricity, but I can get help. I am good with my hands and learn fast.

My driving conditions are: some hills, distance 55 miles - one way to work, that is about one end of the island to the other. I would be able to recharge only at home, 85% freeway, required top
speed 65mph or more. In Trinidad we have 6 months of rain(& sun in between) and 6 months of full sun. This is why I would prefer to make up a solar charger so that I can carry it with me. Eventually I can maybe install the solar cells on top of the roof of the car, maybe like a sunroof! How many batteries do I need and what type?

Hi, Anna-Karina!
With the present electric car technology, as I understand it, what you need is not possible with an electric car. I believe you would be better off with a plug-in hybrid.


110 miles is a lot to ask of any electric car system, even if NONE of it was on the freeway. Never mind the hills. The solar roof would be enough extra juice for climate control, but not to recharge your main battery pack to the extent you need.

Hey, a friend will tell you what you don't want to hear, right?

- Lynne

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