Electric Car Motor Horsepower Ratings

by Norm
(Clarence, NY)

What are the viable horsepower ratings of these electric motor? is DC potentially lower than AC? I'm trying to gather all the information I can to make informed choices about what to use in an EV conversion.

I am still in the research stage, but I like the possibilities and I think it can be a viable transportation choice in my area. What are the factors that keep the cost of the motors so high? could buying them in bulk reduce costs? I own an auto repair shop and I think many people in my area would be interested in electric vehicles if I could offer a reasonably priced EV conversion.

Hi, Norm!

Way to think out of the box - turn your auto repair customers into electric car conversion customers! Tip: send them on a test drive of YOUR electric car conversion. Sold. Electric cars are powerfully addictive to drive, shh.

So anyway...horsepower. Here's the thing. Electric motors are sort of conduits of horsepower rather than producers of it. The horsepower depends on the voltage of the system. The motor just needs to not overheat and commit suicide when offered the amps you want to give it.

When you see electric cars with HP ratings of like 100 or 200 or whatever, they're referring to peak HP at the given voltage of that system. (That's a lot of voltage, actually; )

AC vs. DC? The difference between AC and DC is that one is actually better matched for an automotive application (AC), while the other is certainly adequate and in many ways cheaper (DC). It has nothing to do with horsepower. You can get all the horsepower you want either way you go.

What makes electric car motors expensive? Maybe you're right about the mass-production thing. I'm not sure, but it makes sense to me that as more electric car motors are produced, the price will come down.

Good luck!

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