Installing an Electric Car Motor

by Paw Paw Walt
(Hudson, Florida U.S.A.)

Babette and my Electric Conversion Donor Car

Babette and my Electric Conversion Donor Car

1. Will I be able to remove the gas engine from my van and install an electric motor attached to the drive shaft?

2. How big is the motor and how fast will it propel the mini-van? How many batteries will I need?

3. Can I also install solar panels on the roof to charge the batteries?

4. Will a separate electric motor be able to run things like power steering, air conditioning, and an alternator?

5. Has anyone every thought of turning a big rig into a hybrid or electric?

Hey there, Paw -
1. You'll need an engine lift. The engine in your Aero-sport is really heavy. A lot of people have somebody else do the removal part; your local auto repair shop should be able to do it. As for being able to install the electric motor? I don't know what your mechanical aptitude is, but you'll be machining a transmission adapter, or having it done, and bolting the motor to the chassis.

2. For a DC motor: 11-13 inches in diameter, 17 or so inches long. Cylindrical. About 150 lbs. Speed depends largely on voltage, which brings me to...

2.5. Bring plenty of batteries. You'll want a good number of volts - 144v ought to do the trick; that's 24 6v batteries.

3. Don't bother with solar panels on the roof, unless it will impress Babette. There are just too many better ways to recharge.

4. Use a double shafted motor and a DC/DC converter; you don't need two motors.

5. Sure. Gigantic vehicles make excellent hybrids and electrics, like the city buses and a lot of trains!

Thanks for writing in, and best of luck with your project!


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EV Motor Questions: Installation

by steve

How do you connect the motor to the rear wheels? I assume it fits between the wheels like a differential.
What happens when you turn a corner?
How do you bolt it in place?

Hi, Steve -
Jim Husted from Hi-Torque Electric says:

"Most hook them up to the OEM tranny just like the ICE - that means Internal Combustion Engine, by the way - that was there to begin with. This is done via an adapter plate and coupler (usually a taper-lock).

If using a larger controller and motor you can go direct drive and ditch the tranny and couple the driveline to the motor itself."


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