Electric Car with a Generator on a Trailer?

by Dan
(Portales, NM, USA)

I'm considering getting a 98 Saturn SL1 (I can get the basic car for about $1000.) My idea is to put a small electric generator on a trailer along with a start button on the dash. Is this feasable? Advised? Economical?

Hi, Dan!
Sure, all of the above.
Check out Mike Chancey's pusher trailer in the EV Photo Album. His contact information is on the page at that link so you can talk to him further if you like.

I got a chance to interview another "EV with Generator" builder named Alain St Yves; to read it, click on the third article link to the left - "Build your own Plug-in Hybrid".


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Not a pusher, a generator
by: Anonymous

I think you missed the point of Dan's question. He is not asking about a "pusher". He's asking about the feasibility of an engine/generator pack that could supplement the electric power of the towing vehicle. All of the motive force would come from the motor in the towing vehicle, but the electricity would come from the towed generator.

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