Electric Car With a Generator on Board

by Mike
(Kansas City, Mo)

I have been looking into converting a diesel engine to run on used cooking oil. Now I am thinking about linking this idea to an electric car.
A portable diesel-powered generator producing 220V at 4,000 watts continuous output would fit the engine compartment and weigh 180 pounds. Are there AC motors out there that could drive my car with that kind of power. Would this eliminate the need for lots of batteries.
I'm thinking about using a 1999 Plymouth Voyager which would have many of the same advantages as the small pick up trucks. The diesel generator will fit in the engine compartment. What do you think?

Hi, Mike!
Brilliant, that's what I think; )
Check out my Portable Generator in your Electric Car article, which answers your questions in detail.


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by: A. J. Nash

I have designed, in extreme detail, through mathematics & solid mechanical systems, a new special type of transmission,a mathematical shifting patern & new harnessing method, to maintain a A/C generators working r.p.m. of 1,000 [+ or - 5%] between the speeds 25 - 100 m.p.h..

Volts or Amps? AC or DC?
by: Mike

Thanks Cowboy:

You mentioned having excess power for running accessories. You talked about voltage. But isn't amperage the key to having more than enough power? Have you had any experience wtih AC motors? I would love to see a discussion here about the pros and cons of AC versus DC.


Generator article
by: Cowboy3561

The article states that you cant use a generator alone due to the power difference during acceleration, This is incorrect with today's knowledge of electronics can compensate, For example your gas pedal is nothing more than a potentiometer passing only the voltage that you specify. If you are suppling 120 volts to the potentiometer and you press the pedal half way then you are only suppling the motors 60 volts. Now assuming you are using a varible speed motor you will be moving your car. Now most people would take indiviual motors and put it on each wheel. This wont work with the generator, however with the use of a transmission to support the load the generator will work. keep in mind you need a control box to distribute your votage from the generator to not only the motor but other items in the car. You will need a generator that provides more voltage than the motor you are using in the car, IE: motor can max out at 120 VDC then use a generator that produces 240 VDC so you have power for other items. Just my two cents.

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