Electric Kit Car

by Brandon
(Poulsbo, WA)

So I was thinking of building a kit car, which typically has a fiberglass body. I thought, "If I build a fiberglass body, the vehicle ought to be lightweight." Furthermore, I've really been interested in building an electric car and it donned on me to try both simultaneously and build an electric kit car (since the donor car will be taken apart already giving me easy access to remove the engine, drivetrain, etc).

I was most curious if someone out there has done this yet and what possible problems might arise. I've only started dreaming at this point, but I can't find any online forums or clubs that might have knowledgeable people who've undertaken this endeavor.

Do you know of any websites that explain how to do this or online forums with people currently working on this type of project?

Hi, Brandon -
Yes, kit cars are not uncommon conversions, for the reasons you brought up. They tend to be light, and they look great!

Dustin Donahue has converted a couple of kit cars to electric; you can see his 1929 Gazelle replica and his Shelby Cobra kit car on the EV Photo Album. He's with a conversion company called Electric Blue Motors in Flagstaff, AZ.

Two online resources I would try: The EV Discussion List, and the DIY Electric Car Forums.


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