Electric Semi Truck Conversion

by John
(Melbourne, FL, US)

I want to convert a Class 8 rig to a hybrid, with a 50kw diesel charging the batteries or running the motor(s) directly. Do you think this is possible?

Hi, John -
Yes, it's possible, because here is the proof in the video (I don't know about the 50kw generator part, this one looks like a parallel hybrid). It is amazing how much low-speed torque it has under the electric motor's power, and then it just smoothly shifts back into diesel operation over 20 mph.

Unfortunately, I don't know where you'd get parts for this now (in 2018) or how much it would cost. There are a ton of OEMs working on this right now, including Tesla, of course.

If anyone hears of a company selling a retrofit kit for this, please let us all know!

- Lynne

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