Electric Ton of Bricks Car Conversion

by David Mason
(Whistler, BC, Canada)

I would like to know if anyone thinks it would be possible to convert a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible to electric.

For anyone that knows these cars they are huge and heavy. But they do have the advantage of space. You could fit 6 people in the trunk alone, not to mention the 6 by 6 foot space where the engine is.

Let me know if anyone thinks it could be done. I know i would need 3 times the battery banks.

But the cost would be worth it on that.

Hi, David -

Darlin', I believe you just said the magic words.

It's not that you CAN'T convert a ton of bricks to electric and trundle down the driveway on it. You CAN, and don't let anyone tell you different.

It's just that if you want to get any satisfaction out of your ton of brick EV conversion...

- if you want to, say, get up to 35 miles an hour before your next birthday, or perhaps you'd like to actually move that ton of bricks somewhere past your mailbox before you have to recharge it -

...it's gonna cost MONEY.

More money than folks are usually willing to let their fool husbands outlay for a crazy idea that's already depleted the kids college fund and is taking up most of the space in the garage.

This is where the common wisdom that "you can't convert a ton of bricks to electric" came from. It's only because under most circumstances it's not the best use of money and enthusiasm. But this doesn't apply in your case. I mean, look at it this way; if they make trains and buses electric, it must at least be possible to electrify a ton of bricks, right?

So with that in mind, and if you're willing to go to any lengths to get your El Dorado running on electrons, and you've got the money to put where your mouth is?

No problem. Here are my thoughts on it, your thoughts may vary.

You're right about the engine compartment and the trunk - kick all those people out of there, because you'll be putting all that space to good use.

Then, keep your wallet handy, because you're going to be buying at least one AC motor and inverter. Then get lithium-ion batteries.

I think in your enviable position, I'd call Metric Mind in Oregon, tell them what you're thinking, and see what they'd recommend.

Best of luck on your conversion project, and keep us posted!


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