EV Batteries and Battery Meter Required

by Rich
(New York)

EV Batteries (Meter is on the dash!)

EV Batteries (Meter is on the dash!)

Two questions, the first about batteries, the second about the battery meter:

(1) How many batteries would you estimate would be required for an average car to travel say 50 miles or so? ... rough estimate is fine using the types of batteries and motors listed on your website ...

(2) What kind of gauge (meter) would you use to determine how much of a charge is left or even to estimate how many miles could be traveled before the next recharge?

Hi, Rich!
The number of batteries you need in your car depends on the voltage of your system. The number of miles you can travel on a charge depends on the number of Amp hours (AH) in the battery pack.

The much beloved Trojan T-105, the most popular 6-volt EV battery on the road today, has 170-225 AH.

You'll want about 20 of these to power your average conversion (120 volts).

As far as gauges for your EV?
You'll need an ammeter and a voltmeter.

Read this excellent EVDL thread for a thorough treatment of this topic.


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