EV Battery Charging and Voltage Change

by Mark

Can you charge a 8 volt battery with a 12 volt charger?

Hi, Mark -

Mike Collier from Lithium Storage Inc. will answer your question.

He says:
"It is certainly possible to charge an 8 volt battery with a 12 volt charger, and certainly not recommended.


Because the charger is build to read for a specific voltage cutoff point and charge curve. A 12v charger is build to know the float voltage is ~12v, but the peak will actually be higher (13.5v? 14v?). So a 8v charger and a 12v charger with the same Amp charge rate will peak at different voltages; a 12v charger will cook an 8v battery if left unattended, and it's not covered by the warranty."

Thanks, Mike!


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