EV Conversion Calculator

by Andy
(Winter Haven, FL)

Is there an EV conversion calculator somewhere where I can figure out how much motor output I will need for my desired performance?

Hi, Andy -
Yes, there's an excellent EV performance calculator here at EV Convert.

Down the right side of the page, you'll find your car's make and model from the drop down box, then your electric motor type in the second drop down box, your batteries in the next, and so forth. (Note: The calculator was designed for DC motor systems, so if you're planning an AC conversion, it won't be helpful.)

Below that you put in the adjustments to the calculations, things like the voltage of your system and the rolling resistance of your tires and how much weight you've removed from your donor vehicle - things like that.

It's a very useful tool, and many thanks to Jerry Halstead for making it available on the Internet!


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