EV Range Deterioration Over Time

by Ken Watkins
(Orlando, FL)

I have 24 Trojan T-105 batteries in my electric vehicle. I have about 300 cycles on these batteries and I have noticed that my range has gone down from 50 miles to 30 miles. These batteries have never been with out water and have never been discharged to less than 20%. I have a Zivan automatic charger that is programmed for these batteries. Why is my range going down?

Hi, Ken -
If we're taking bets on where the problem is, my money is on the wiring.

Seth Leitman puts it this way in Build Your Own Electric Vehicle: "If you are getting 20 miles per charge and your neighbor is getting 60 miles per charge with the identical setup, and you checked for the obvious mechanical-motor-controller-battery reasons, chances are it's in your wiring."

He really stresses the importance of adequate gauge wire, good connectors, and perfect crimps.


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