EV Recharging While you Drive

by Mike

Would it be possible to have a set of batteries recharging as your driving? I'm thinking of running a 10,000 watt generator that the recharger is plugged into and recharge batteries while driving with the generator.

Hi, Mike -
Sure. But why do you want to use expensive (noisy, stinky, and carbon-loaded) gasoline to produce electricity instead of just plugging into your wall and using grid-juice?

Also, why do you want to haul an extra set of batteries around? Can your EV afford the extra weight?

It's one thing to use a small generator to extend your range - not a bad idea - and quite another to use a big old generator to avoid having to plug in. Plugging in is what makes an electric car so cheap to operate.


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Forgetting things
by: Common Man

Plugging in your car to charge it doesn't make it any more green or any more cost efficient. If people want to make their cars more efficient then why is the idea of having a front wheel drive car with rear wheels turning a rotor to produce energy? I understand the loss effect however one thing that people are always over looking is to over produce. If an electric car consumes 127Kwh then have it produce 150kwh to compensate for the loss. Other things that would make a difference is to use capacitors instead of batteries, remove the coil from the alternater and use magnets to produce a DC current.
All of this has been done before and can be repeated but no one even tried because there is no profit in it.

Extended life?
by: chaz

I am curious about the possible ways to increase the life of the battery while the car is still moving. Does anyone have any ideas?

He is seeking range
by: Anonymous

Yes you have a situation just work on extending your range, until you come up with a gravity generator, or overunity transformer. Until then extend your range' good. But not for long distances.
we have tried, we have 144 volt battery pack 24 T-145 6Volts each. we extended our range by 50 miles and then we had to STOP and let the batteries catch up with the charger, because they (batteries) were on the verge of unusable available energy, thus the generator kept running and four hour later we were able to underway but only for 45 miles, the heat to the motor controller needed to leave, good that we were at our destination for 10 hours, time enough for all that flowing amperage and wires, batteries and controller to cool.
we some of this helps, doing you some good.
Work on Lit-Ion's they will carry you further with less weight -uh less lead acid batteries)
The over all weight factor can be cut in 3/4 by using Lit-Ion
Peace and stay electrified

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