Exide Battery Cycle Life

by John

What is cycle life of Exide 8 volt golf car batteries?

Hi, John!

Well, I called Exide's customer service hotline to get the answer straight from the horse's mouth - it's 1-800-START-IT, btw - and was just amazed at how helpful they were. Seriously. They went above and beyond.

So, a very kind application engineer named Donald Schenck told me:

Those GC8V's are floodies. They are warrantied for 12 months, no matter how you abuse them...

...but please don't abuse them.: )

The actual cycle life depends greatly on depth of discharge. The deeper you drain them, the shorter their life will be. He says the curve falls off dramatically at 50% DOD.

He also strongly advised making sure they are fully charged each time. This sounds like a no-brainer, but he said it's often the case that people put their golf carts on a charger and don't realize they're not getting fully charged every time. You've got to put 120% of the amps back into the batteries that you took out by running your cart.

He said that, all abuse aside, you can expect 500 cycles if you're using them all day every day.

If you use them lightly, you can expect them to last much longer than that.

All the best,

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