Fullsize Hybrid Electric Truck

by Adam
(Hardy, AR)

I was wondering if I could hook up an AC motor to an automatic transmission in a 4x4 truck.

My idea was to do this and have the motor driving a generator charging the batteries that the drive motor is running off of. Couldn't I just get a little bit bigger generator that would charge my batteries faster than the motor was draining them of their charge?

Also is an AC motor the kind of motor that I would want so that I could do a little offroading like mudding and still be able to drive comfortably on the interstate at 75 miles an hour and be able to pull reasonable loads?

Hi, Adam -
This is the smartest use of a DIY hybrid system I've seen in a long time. Watch the video and see what you think, see if it gives you some ideas; )

The first problem I'm seeing with your idea is...where are you going to put the electric motor? If you've already got a plan, disregard the question.

And yes, the AC motor is the one you want for freewaying without running out of charge. Check out this AC conversion I came across the other day.

Best of luck with your conversion, and keep us posted!


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