Gas Electric Hybrid Jeep

by Ed Perazzo
(Scotia, NY)

I am a retired machinist/ machine designer/ machine repair supervisor who has worked on cars all of my life.

I own a 1952 JEEP CJ-5 with 56,000 miles on it and it is in good condition and drivable as is. I want to add electric drive to it by removing the front drive shaft and hooking up a 14 hp pm DC motor to the 5.38:1 gear ratio differential.

This would give me a gas/electric hybrid that I could run on electricity only and have the ICE for back up, for hills and extended range. I have been searching the net and have not found anyone that has done this type of conversion. I would truly appreciate your opinion on whether this plan is feasible.

Hi, Ed -
Since you've been working on cars all your life, I'm going to assume you know what you're doing when it comes to hooking up the drive shaft and differential, and your instincts are probably quite good.

Sounds like you're describing a parallel hybrid, where either the ICE or the electric motor can move the wheels; certainly not unheard of.
Are you saying, electric on the front, ICE on the back? That's a little different, though much talked about. I do think it's feasible.

Most of us are hobbyists. You know how we find out if something is possible? We try it. If somebody tells you something can be done, they might be wrong. If somebody tells you something CAN'T be done, they might be wrong; )

You'll need a motor big enough to move the CJ-5, but light enough to make sense, too. Talk to someone at Electric Motorsport or similar when you're ready to buy.

Best of luck, and stay in touch!


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Gas, EV hybrid
by: Anonymous

I like your idea and it seems one of the simpler conversions as it is, essentially, a swap of the front axle. However, I believe would be better as a power assist and a regenerative brake.

That way, one would just push a button when one needed a faster acceleration, more power or assist in the slop. Then, with a regen switch hooked into the brake circuit, it would apply regen when braking. Hence, with just a few batteries and a controller one could have 4x4, get out of the mud, capabililty and enjoy some efficieancies.

Gas Electric Hybrid Tacoma
by: Matt

I too am considering doing this to my 1999 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner. I'd love to know if you attempted/finished this on your Jeep. Since 2wd and 4wd parts are interchangable, I can find a front differential at a junkyard, cv axles new, hook up the elec motor directly to the differential, and be done.

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