Gasoline Prices: Pinned to the Pump!

pinned to the pump

Surprised to hear that electric car drivers care about gasoline prices?

We all still have reason to care about the price of gasoline, though, to one degree or another. For one thing, some of us still have a gas-gobbler lying around gathering dust somewhere (for longer trips). For another, higher gasoline prices mean that the price of everything goes up - even the cost of electric cars themselves. They (and their parts) have to be shipped from somewhere on gas or diesel guzzling trucks. And for those of us who are still waiting for our electric dream car, we're very interested in the price of gasoline in our neighborhood because, well, we're still pinned to the pump.

Next, we care about gasoline prices because as Americans, we're addicted to oil. G-dub said it first, but it's still true today! Whether we personally use gas in our cars or not, we're affected by gasoline prices because our country has let its economy grow dependent on oil, and increasingly, on foreign oil...

...and whether we like it or not, we Americans are all affected by the strength (or weakness) of our economy.

Why are gasoline prices going up?

gasoline prices: extraction
  • The price of crude oil has gone up.
    And why is that? Well, the biggest reason comes from the biggest producer: OPEC has set limits on the amount of oil produced in their countries per day...

    ...and the international demand for oil has skyrocketed over the last fifteen years. The largest new markets are India and China, who alone put over 1000 more cars on the road every day.

    As the first-year economics students could tell us, when the supply stays the same and the demand increases, the price goes up.
  • Hurricanes are bad for oil rigs, refineries, and pipelines.
    When Mother Nature blows down an expensive oil drilling or refining contraption, we get to pay higher gasoline prices at the pump.
  • Wars and civil unrest - both bad for shipping.
    Geopolitical tensions make it hard to get people, supplies, equipment, and tankers safely in and out of the tense zone. Expensive things get blown up, workers get kidnapped, injured, and killed, and corruption is even worse than usual. Under these conditions, the cost of doing business goes up for the oil companies, and again - the consumer gets to pay higher gasoline prices at the pump.
  • Seasonal fluctuations.
    Americans take more car trips in the summer, so the demand for gasoline rises; when the demand rises, so do the gasoline prices.

Thank you to The Energy Information Administration website. for reference data from the US Department of Energy.

From region to region, other things cause the price to vary, such as the cost of shipping to remote areas and local competition among stations.

Oil Addicts? Check.


How do we know we're oil addicts? We can check ourselves into rehab if:

  • We spend money we don't have. For the United States, this means getting into wars we can't afford, and staying embroiled in those wars for 18 years and counting.
  • We're playing "lets make a deal" with folks from the other side of the tracks. Perhaps you've noticed lately the way our American policymakers have been looking the other way while oil-dictatorships do shady, questionable, and even abhorrent things?
  • We pretend some other, mysterious force is causing the destruction in our life. AKA denial. Think of the parade of GOP politicians and Fox "news" pundits looking for any excuse to deny the signs of environmental damage and global warming.

...and just generally, if we're "pinned to the pump" we do whatever we have to do to continue using our drug of choice, even while it kills us.

More and more people in America, just like you and me, are tired of the addict lifestyle! We bought our SUVs because car salesman convinced us we HAD to for safety (and other, less understandable) reasons, but are now regretting it for so many reasons - we're feeling mugged by the oil companies, disgusted by the oil-dictators' policies, frightened by global-warming related weather disasters, and choked by fume-polluted air.

We don't want to be pinned to the pump anymore, so we look for alternatives.

Electric cars can help us break free

Our interest in electric cars is a big step towards breaking free of the national addiction.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite thing: EV plus PV. Catchy, right? It's an electric car, fueled up at your house by solar panels on your roof that you own.

Free fuel for life, and you own the means of production. You know every mile you drive is 100% non-polluting, you don't have to wonder about your grid's electricity sources. When the gasoline prices go up, your fuel prices stay the same as they ever were - ZERO.

Is it any wonder I'm excited??; )

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