Generator, and AC to DC conversion

by Mike
(San Antonio, TX)

Generator for a AC to DC Cart

Generator for a AC to DC Cart

I want to power a small electric cart with a generator. I have a Honda 3000 watt generator that I take camping. It's very quiet and has electric start. I want to power an electric golf cart off of the generator, not with golf cart batteries. How could I convert the 120 volt AC to 36 volt DC to replace the batteries?

Hi, Mike!

Dan, our motor man, says:

"I think a 3 Kw generator is too small. This equates to a 4 HP motor. IF it were a decent generator I might say OK but these were not meant for this kind of loading.

I would need to know more about what the intent for the vehicle is i.e. range, speed, etc.

36 VDC will take an industrial charger more than likely. These are generally a 230 volt single phase or 230 or 460 volt 3 phase unit.

If insistent on this setup, I would recommend a 120 V VFD if you can get it in 3 or 4 HP rating and a 3 or 4 HP motor. Geared way down to avoid overload. It can work but the golf cart is going to go real slow."

I'm curious myself, Mike, why don't you want to use batteries?


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ac to dc for bike
by: tony

i have an ac generator rated at 120 vac 800w/900 max, the specs say 2 hp. i need it to run a dc bicycle wheel hub motor which requires 36 vdc @10 amp/hours (whatever those are)my kaput lithium ion batt always put out 42 vdc, so i'm thinking i should go with own crude calculations tell me that i'll only require 450 watts. any suggestions?...and how does one go about it?

36 volt generator
by: bubba clark

I too need a 36 volt generator for my golf car. I'm planning to run it off the batteries but if I go very far I need a generator to be sure I can get back home.

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