Generator Hybrid Car Question

by Ray
(San Diego, CA)

I'm building a generator hybrid car, but have not found anywhere on how to connect the generator to the drive train.

I have read a lot of post about using PFC chargers in line with the generator, but I don't see how even at @50 amps, I could be energy free from the battery pack at average load.
Am I missing something here?
How would I use a 15KW to 25KW generator to extent the range equal to fuel on board for a 144 DC system?
Is it even possible on a DC system?

Hi, Ray -
No batteries, is that the plan? Or do you just want a generator as a range extender?

If you're interested in building a series hybrid, the generator doesn't attach to the drive train. It attaches to the battery pack. That's all. A parallel hybrid is a different thing, and a synergy-drive hybrid is another thing altogether (see Toyota Prius for synergy drive; ).

I think what you may be missing is the wall plug. Folks who build do-it-yourself hybrids (sorry, range-extended electric vehicles) are not using the generator exclusively to charge their batteries, but are only using a small generator (5kw, not 25kw) to add miles to their range. At the end of the day, they're plugging in and charging up, like every other EV driver out there.

Why? Because the grid provides cheaper electricity than your internal combustion engine will.

Best of luck on your project - keep us posted!


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