Golf Cart Batteries Have Gone Dry!

by AJ
(Baton Rouge, LA)

If my charger boiled the water out while charging my golf cart batteries unknown to me and found out later, can I re-add distilled water and the batteries still be good? They're 1 yr old batteries with very minimal use.

Hi, AJ -
I'd sure give it a try. What have you got to lose? First fill them up, and then charge them up.

If they don't charge, try the technique shown in the video which is something you can do to charge batteries from fully dead, just sort a work-around for your battery charger's programming.

De-sulphating your batteries is also an option.

Best of luck!


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waiting to charge batteries
by: Anonymous

After adding water to bone dry batteries should I wait before I try to charge them ?

Battery refurbish liquid
by: PJ

Do these so-call "refurbish liquid fix repair revive" kits work in old golf cart battery's?

by: Butch Houle

what does de-sulphating mean?

Hi, Butch -

Sulfate crystals build up on the plates inside the battery and prevent it from recharging. Electricity applied in a certain way can remove the crystals and free your battery to recharge once more.
Check out this battery desulfator youtube video. It explains it pretty well, better than me; )


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