Golf Cart Battery Overflow

by George
(The Golf Course)

I have a EZ-go golf cart that is powered by 6 six volt batteries. When it not being used it's left on the charger. Sometimes I find that the batteries have leaked on the floor. Do you know what causes that?

Hi, George -
I'd bet you've overfilled them a little, and it's boiling over.

The batteries heat up as they charge, and boiling inevitably happens toward the end of the cycle. If the water level is too close to the top, especially in the hot weather, it boils over.

The fellas in the video above, Gary and Wally, talk about this on their golf cart maintenance blog:

"Don't overfill battery cells especially in warmer weather. The natural fluid expansion in hot weather will push excess electrolytes from the battery."

All the best,

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