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EV Battery Selection Depends on Weight and Budget

by Basara

How do I choose right battery for my electric vehicle? Not the type one but rather the capacity of the battery(e.g 120V 70Ah) And how to calculate the range from that battery?

Hi, Basara -

Well...simple enough question, but not so simple answer!

Why? Because the more AH, the more range you'll have - but the heavier and more expensive the batteries will be.

So. Your mission is to decide at what point the benefits outweigh the added cost and weight. Most of the time people take the highest AH battery they can afford - they make batteries up to 200 AH or so. I don't think I'd go any lighter than 100 AH, or you'll be charging it all the time; )

There are various range calculators here there and everywhere - it depends on your electric car setup. This EV Calculator seems pretty good to me.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your EV project!


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Battery Capacity and Amp Hours

by tim standley
(lebanon oregon)

With every thing being equal: the more amp hours a battery has, the more range?

Hi, Tim -
All else being equal, yes. That's all the additional AH will do for you; provide longer run time.

The video shows how to wire your pack in parallel to get more amp hours.


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Golf Cart Battery Packs and Amp Hours

by Tom
(Jacksonville, FL)

Can you interchange golf cart batteries with different amp hour ratings? 4 batteries are rated at 225ah, and the other 2 are rated at 200ah.

I feel they should be all the same. But my company thinks its no big deal based on price. I think they are just tossing away money trying to save a buck.

Hi, Tom -
You are right. The 200 ah batteries will over-discharge and die young. Expensive way to save a buck; )

Batteries in a pack need to be all the same amp hours.


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