Higher Voltage - Advance the Brushes

by Harvey
(Rockingham NC)

I have a GE motor that is rated at (according to the nameplate) 36/48 volts. Can I run it at a higher voltage? Why the option?

Hi, Harvey -
Jim Husted from Hi-Torque Electric says:

"The data tag on these motors is just one data point. Theyโ€™ll take more voltage and current than stated.

As a motor is over-volted (lets call it), the armature pushes against the field magnetics and starts to disturb them (much like the solar winds distort the earths magnetics).

This causes the brushes to contact the commutator misaligned with this (warped) field and causes brush arcing. This is why youโ€™ll need to advance the brushes (in general by 10%) from neutral.

To advance the brushes, you rotate them opposite the motors intended rotation."

- Jim

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