Home Cooking a Batch of Batteries

by Jerry

Can a battery be better home made than bought?

What prompts this question is the suppression of NiMH cobasys patent by Chevron. Perhaps if the ingredients can be bought from separate suppliers, case, electrodes, paste, plates, electrolytes etc.

How hard could assembly be?

A way can be found to supply the EV enthusiast with effective range batteries who is in any case converting by hand his own car and doing his own assembly. Perhaps the process is as mundane as ammo reloading or beer brewing once formula has been re-engineered and manual made available open source. Although Nissan will finally be selling their first BEV this year, there are sour grapes.

1. Price. Ad velorum taxe$ must be paid on new car$.Insurance is also much higher on a new product.

2. Freedom to choose for two. I for one don't want market manipulated by big oil. This must stop.

3. Li-ion is not a proven commodity yet. The philosophy of the internal combustion engine is that parts need constant replacement. Why would you want Li-ion which will need replacement when you could have Ni-MH that does not for life of car?

Must we wait till 2014 to get our hands on Ni-MH batteries? Is home battery assembly possible?

Hi, Jerry!
I don't know, I've never tried it. I've also never known anybody who's tried it. It might be pretty hard to get hold of the materials, I would think.

The video shows a bit of what's involved - doesn't look that difficult, now that you mention it!

I have no idea how hard it would be to build your own batteries, but I couldn't resist your question.


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