How Difficult is AC Electric Car Conversion?

by Shalen Williams
(Tonasket WA USA)

How hard is it to do an AC electric car conversion?

I am not a stranger to working on cars but I have never done anything with electric. How hard would it be for a novice like me to switch my old car over to electric?

This old car is a '91 Mercury Grand Marquis. What size of system would I need for a tank like mine?

Hi, Shalen -
Here's my question: are you converting your Grand Marquis because you love it, or because it's what you've got?

If you love it, then proceed, by all means.

The folks who sell AC electric car conversion parts have made it easy and non-complicated to install their components. The inverter itself is a more complicated (and therefore more expensive) piece of equipment than a DC controller, but that doesn't really impact the installation of it.

You can buy the components at Metric Mind and Electro Automotive - both reputable sources. Call them to talk about the size system you'll need, but I'm betting you'll need the larger size system.

If, on the other hand, you don't love your Grand about selling it and buying a lighter donor vehicle?


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