How to Connect the Electric Car Motor to the Transmission

by Robbie
(Glasgow, Scotland, U.K)

How do you connect the electric motor to the engine transmission? Is it welded? Do I need to have an adapter or an engineered connector?

Hi, Robbie!
Yes it's welded, and you can either build your own adapter (cheaper) or have one machined for you.

Watch the video for details!


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Why spiders?
by: Anonymous

I'm not clear on why you use two spiders (Lovejoy couplers).

Is it because of slight angular mis-alignment?

Why not simply use a straight coupler?

Also, is there any good reason to keep the bell housing and clutch?

V Dub X Mission

This was straight forward and to the point. His visuals were clear and well shot. A great tutorial. So simple that I'm going to go looking for an beat up VW on saturday next !

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