Hybrid Car: Electric Motor, Gas Generator

by Jody Farra
(Shenandoah, PA)

I've been kicking this problem around about using a gas generator to power an electric motor. I know it does not take you away from oil, but it does give you the 100+ miles to the gallon. What drawbacks would I have if any?

Hi, Jody -
First drawback: Generators are not optimized for pollution control.

Second drawback: Generators are not optimized for noise control.

Third drawback: Wherever you decide to put that generator, you've got to have good ventilation so you don't murder yourself and your passengers.

Other than that, it's a great idea, and you won't be the first person to have done it (check out the third article in "recommended reading", my interview with Alain St. Yves). Go for it!


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863 MPG on Elect. Car with Gas Gen
by: Richard Laszczewski Jr

In 1998 I was at the Chicago Design Show the Univ. of Michigan took a bought a Renault from a junk yard. Put 4 electric motors to drive the car. Then took out all the interior and placed 2 12v battery banks(4 batteries each bank)and toggled the banks between usage. Then used a gas battery charger with a 1 gallon gas tank to toggle a charge to the battery bank that was not being used. They did two runs at 863 miles on certified test. The fuel efficiency of the charger, the noise of its operation and the look of the interior can be easily addressed. I see this as a real possibility and f I had the funding I would go after this.

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