Insurance for an Electric Car in Florida

by Jose

My EV Conversion: I have the funds and time to start my electric car conversion, but there is just one thing stopping me.

Before staring the conversion I called several big insurance companies to find out if they would insure an electric car in Florida.

They all told me NO. I have no intention of converting a car that I will not be able to drive around, so my question is:

Has somebody insured an electric car in Florida? And if yes, can I get a name and a phone number?

Hi, Jose -

Steve Clunn at Green Shed Conversions in Crystal River, FL has this to say about EV insurance:

"Any major insurance company will offer liability coverage. If your agent says he can't do it, he either doesn't know how or doesn't want to." But you can help them figure it out, by offering comparables or having a hot rod appraiser give them a value.

Steve's phone number is 561-352-6622.


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