Golf Cart Battery Decision

by Pete Dunan
(Queen Creek, AZ)

We're considering the purchase of a used golf cart, primarily for getting around our gated community.

Is there an advantage to a T-125, over the T-105?

Hi, Pete -
The only difference is that the T-125 has a few more amp-hours, not many. A little longer running time is all that means, in case the golf cart drill team practices run long; ) The T-105's are a little lighter, 4 lbs. apiece.

It's your call, really - they're both good.


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Trojan T-145 6 Volt Battery

by Justice

What is the cycle life of the Trojan T-145 6 Volt Battery? The T-145 has higher discharge rate @25 -530@ 75 - 145@ 20 - 260. What makes the T-105 a better battery?

Hi, Justice -
Cycle life of that particular battery - I'm not sure. All those Trojan golf cart batteries tend to last somewhere in the 650-700 cycle range, and as far as I am aware, the T-145 is no different.

The T-105 is not a better battery than the T-145. It's lighter, because it has fewer amp-hours of energy storage, but that's it. More people use the T-105 in electric cars, but that may well be because it's cheaper, perhaps more widely available, and it does have a good reputation for long life.


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Electric Car Battery Comparison

by James
(The Villages, Fl)

How does the Energizer EGC2 battery compare to the Trojan T-105?

Hi, James -
It depends on what you value, I guess...

I asked around a little bit, and the consensus is that the Energizer EGC2 (6v flooded, same AH as the T-105) is cheaper but the Trojan T-105 will last longer and hold up to adverse conditions better.

A whole lot more EV-ers use Trojan batteries than Energizers, if that tells you anything.

And finally...

...the EV professionals I've talked to are pretty much unanimous about the merits of US Battery over either one of the above.


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