Is This AC Motor Right For an Electric Car?

by James

Will this AC motor work for an electric car?

I have:
A U.S. Motors inverter duty motor;
60 hp 3-phase ac;
rpm 1780 cont. duty, 230/460 volts...not sure about the amps it looks like 139.0/69.0.

What do you think?

Hi, James!
Let's ask the motor man.

Dan Bentler, EV Motors instructor at SSC College, says:
1. It is 10 more HP than my 50 HP Leeson # 170040; - 3550 RPM 208 230 460.
2. I think the 1800 RPM is a little low assuming driveshaft RPM of around 3600 at 60 mph but this can be compensated for with a 2:1 step up. I prefer direct couple of motor to driveline which is why I have a 3550 RPM motor (plus a Boeing surplus bargain).
3. 746 W per HP so it is about a 45KW motor
P = I x E x 1.73 x PF
So I = 112 amp AC amps on a 230 line disregard PF
I = 137 at 325 VDC (battery)
4. The mfr can claim the motor's inverter rated, but you are sure of it if the motor adheres to NEMA MG 31 part 31 specification.
5. Would recommend a vector drive VFD - currently evaluating Allen Bradley or Hitachi.
6. Would give heavy consideration to a 75 HP VFD - little room for error.
7. What is motor going to drive?
8. I think it would do fairly well on a 5 maybe 6,000 lb truck but it will not be a hot rod.
9. Are you willing to sell it?

Sounds like a "yes", James. It ought to work just fine.


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