Ford F150 Electric Truck Conversion

by clif
(Snellville Ga.)

Which electric motor setup would you consider to be more practical in terms of torque due to the weight of the truck and still be able to carry some weight or pull a load?

Hi, Clif -
Jim Husted from Hi-Torque Electric says:

"I’d suggest something in the 11”, 200 lb. area as far as motor mass is concerned. Keep the tranny and you’ll have plenty of torque to haul. Be realistic in your range expectations converting such a heavy vehicle though. As a fun note and example Damon Henry is using a small 8 brushed 6.7” converted lift motor I helped him build in his Datsun truck. Last year at the Greenwood car show it carted out 4) 9” motors @ 150lbs ea, plus a couple more smaller motors I’d brought, plus a load of misc other items without an issue at all. He is blower cooling the motor to increase its duty cycle but is a awesome example of how strong these motors can be."


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Electric Vehicle Conversion: 4x4

by Mark
(Heriot Bay B.C Canada)

I have a VW SYNCRO 4x4 VAN and its a Standard Tranny with a 2.1 FI engine.

Is there ANY way to convert this vehicle to electric?

Right behind the seats there's a big lower area to put in 20 or so lead acid batteries and vent them out side with a new floor over top of the batteries.

Anyway i know its All time 4x4 but i only need to get like 45 KMs Max on a charge.

Hi, Mark -
Of course, you CAN do an electric vehicle conversion on anything you want to. It's a free country.

Get yourself over to the EVDL, because the boys over there will have all the advice and opinions you could ever need on your 4x4 van conversion.

I've always liked the idea of putting batteries under the floor. 'Course, you've got to raise your van up a bit to compensate for the weight then, right?

There's ALWAYS a way; )


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Full Size Electric Truck Conversion

by Chris
(Killeen, TX)

Could I get a 80 mile round trip on one charge if I converted a full size Chevy pickup, using entire bed for batteries? Also keep it at least 60mph the entire way?

Hi, Chris!
No, not unless you've got dilithium crystals.
Mr. Scott?

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