Lightweight batteries for a conversion?

by Gomer

Braille batteries

Braille batteries

I've noticed some much lighter car batteries for sale, like these Braille auto batteries which are only 6 pounds. I was wondering - are these batteries good to use when converting a car to electric? If so, what charger should I use?

Hi, Gomer -

Sorry, these are starting batteries, not deep-cycle. You'd be replacing them twice a week!

Curiously, they're still lead-acid batteries, but the casing is lightweight (means flimsy) and the electrodes are mysteriously alloyed and constructed for maximum cranking amps and minimum poundage.

It says on Braille's website that their battery can be deep-cycled, but they don't really mean it. They're thinking about the sort of deep-cycling a gas-gobbler might do with a lot of accessories...

...but electric car drivers suck SERIOUS AMPS, which these won't be able to deliver; )


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